Quantum Thinking.

We are disrupting the field of security services by shifting the approach from linear to holistic thinking.

Elevated Outcomes.

We inspire our clients to rethink what's possible when security empowers their business, brand and people.

Security Evolved.

Our experience runs deep and long.

Quantum security represents the pinnacle of security expertise, bringing an unmatched breadth and depth of experience to every engagement. Our uniquely multi-perspectival, multidisciplinary, and multi-contextual approach was honed in global corporate, political, law enforcement, military and paramilitary environments. On the ground or at 50,000 feet, we see risk in 4D to identify and control tangible and intangible threats.

Elevate the expectation.

Our clients are trailblazers and innovators who seek the same traits in their security partner. They recognize that security isn't just about safeguarding people and property. It's about creating a stable, supportive environment that has a transformative impact on customer experience, talent retention, employee performance, brand equity, and shareholder value.

Why we're different

We think about security strategically. Using specialist experience in intelligence-gathering and quantum thinking, we create adaptive strategies that allow for different perspectives and priorities, taking the whole business into account.

What we believe

We believe security plays a pivotal role in business success. We focus on adding significant value to businesses beyond the expected remit with security strategies that are intelligent, responsive, intuitive and collaborative.

How we work

Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We undertake an agile process of discovery, adaptation, optimization and mobilization that enables us to adjust, respond and positively contribute to each client's unique environment.


Quantum security protects and empowers people and brands with a full complement of security services, including intelligence-driven consulting, executive protection, crisis and disaster management, threat and risk assessment, event infrastructure, internal team augmentation and full-spectrum security projects.
security discovery

Conducting the discovery

We begin every engagement with a discovery in which we examine your business to understand the idiosyncrasies and uncover opportunities to contribute to your broader operational and organizational goals.
security culture

Adapting to your culture

We learn your values and identity quickly and hold ourselves accountable to your standards so that our operation feels like an extension of your team from day one.

Optimizing the approach

Our senior team has deep and diverse international experience in security. We use this intelligence and perspective to co-author progressive solutions that achieve better outcomes.
Quantum vancouver

Mobilizing the strategy

Our global, multi-contextual experience has equipped us with intelligent and effective tools. We apply these tools and techniques to strategies and tactics that help create safe environments for all.

Explore a career in security.

Join a security operation that supports your ambition and potential. A career with Quantum is the start of a professional journey that leads to global opportunities in virtually any industry.

Engineer your career

Quantum is seeking candidates with a strong interest in building a career in personal and corporate protection, enforcement, and security. Benefit from a team-based and process-driven structure that accelerates learning.

Specialized training

Accelerate your security career with a rigorous, on-the-job training program that develops your skills in the strategic and practical aspects of security assessment and management.

World-class mentors

Benefit from the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals in the field. Quantum leadership represents some of the world's most experienced and renowned security operatives and advisors.

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